Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Year Eve!!

Usually I’m hanging out at one of two places for New Year’s Eve – Church for ‘Watchnight Service’ or home.

I’ve never really been into parties on this evening (believe it or not). I enjoy being reflective at the year's end while looking forward to a new beginning. Each year begins both its challenges and its blessings.

Last year Special Friend and I had light bites at home. Plus, my cat (Furry Friend) enjoys her annual sip of champagne at the stroke of Midnight! Yes, it's true. She leaps at my glass if I'm drinking ginger ale!

Good people - if you decide to hang out, have a great time and be careful!
If you decide to stay in, make it a fun night. Please don't be sad and downtrodden. I know it's been tough this year but look ahead with excitement for the future.

And you'll be able to start life anew.