Friday, January 23, 2009

Friday's Fabulous Flick

It goes without saying that this week's flick is one of the most talked about images in the blogosphere.

And normally, I don't place a great deal of 'color commentary' for the Friday Fabulous Flick, this image warrants a good history lesson.

The Queen of Soul Aretha Franklin donned this incredible hat at President Obama's Inauguration and needless to say, some folks just don't get it.

For the uninformed -when Black women dress for special occasions and church, our Crowns (as we refer to them) are an essential part of the outfit. Hat wearing in the Black community has a legacy that stretches back to Africa and has been documented in books by Michael Cunningham and in exhibits at The Smithsonian.
It is not fodder for jokes.
So, a standing ovation and thank you Ms. Franklin for introducing the world to one of our most delightful and creative cultural expressions.