Friday, January 9, 2009

Friday's Fabulous Flicks

Hon. Basil Paterson, Portia Paterson, guest, Dr. George Williams, Vivian Mann
Seated 2nd from left Margot Wallert, Jean Jordan and guests

Joyce Cook

Charles Mitchell, Yvonne Delaney Mitchell, Mrs. Delaney, Ernesta Procope, Kendal Reid, & guests

Dr. & Mrs. Mandeville, Richard Habersham, Michael Holmes, Jeanne Parnell, Benita Shobe , Rayton Gerald, Audrey Adams & Cecil Simpson

Standing 3rd from left Don Marshall, Hon. Helen Marshall, Earl & Virginia Arrington, & other guests

Gil McGriff, Gary Calek, Fred Edmunds Gus Jenkins seated: Ruth Clarke Carol Calek, Nellie Jenkins

Bill Haley & Linda Zango Haley, Dr. & Mrs. Valentine Burroughs

John & Vickie James

These week’s flicks were captured at The Hillbillies Holiday Event at the Davenport Club in New Rochelle, NY. The Hillbillies is a New York based social club founded in the 1930s
by people who lived on Harlem’s famed ‘Sugar Hill.’

Many thanks to Black Society Photographer Margot Jordan for sharing these great photos with me over the holidays. Several of her flicks have appeared in the New York Social Diary.

So gang, if you want your event publicized and photographed professionally, Margot is your gal.

Have a super weekend!