Monday, January 12, 2009

Skipping The Inauguration

Several of you have contacted me to inquiry whether or not I will be attending Inaugural Events this year – and the answer is no.

Yes, I know…it’s going to be great!

And yes, this moment is especially significant for our people.

But I can’t do mass events and over inflated hotel room rates in DC.

I’ve participated in two Presidential Inaugurations in the past and they are truly exciting. This year I received five invitations to various events not including scores of e-vites from political think tanks and Democratic party mixers, happy hours, etc.

Instead, Special Friend and I will be home (nice and warm) watching all of the events.

If you are planning to attend, please have patience, girth your loins, and plan to be in DC no later than 4AM. Wear layers and expect long waits for the public restrooms.

And for you shutterbugs, feel free to send me flicks.

Oh…I better place a disclaimer in this posting…

This public service message is not sponsored by any campaign, political party, or affiliated group.