Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Is The Media Finally Getting It?

It seems as if many of our pals in the media and on the blogosphere are finally getting it. Let's 'count it all joy.'

The Socialites featured on this blog are more than professional posers looking to 'get their shine on.'

This brand of Socialite comes with skills, talent, and a broad network of contacts - enabling them to move about effortlessly in various circles and settings.

They are committed to the greater good not just what's good for them.

There was much buzz in the Internet this week about White House Social Secretary Desiree Rogers sitting next to Vogue Magazine's Anna Wintour during Fashion Week (thanks to Gawker for the nice citation!)

Should anyone be surprised?

Rogers has been featured in Vogue in the past.

And of course, everyone and their Mamas want an invitation to The White House.

But Rogers is one within a larger representative set of Black Socialites.

So while we celebrate her success (actually I'm standing on my head!), we also know that there are thousands of other Desiree Rogers within our communities.

So, perhaps now our media pal will begin to cover (and comment) on the difference between the posey-wosey set and the Socially Conscious Socialite - a difference that has always been present in the Black Community.

Black people rarely tolerate those who enjoy the limelight and forsake their responsibility in helping others.

So, expect that assisting others (while looking fabulous!) will remain a high priority on Ms. Rogers professional and personal agenda. She's pretty clear about this during a recent CNN interview (thanks to CNN's PR Maven Christine for supplying this link and the screen shot).
In the meanwhile, what are you working on?