Sunday, April 12, 2009

Kim Heirston featured in Town & County Magazine

Happy Resurrection Sunday for all of those good Christians out there!

Easter is a part of the trio of holidays (Christmas and Mother's Day being the other two) where I tend to avoid church services. I'm not big on crowds and holiday-only worshippers who crowd pews only three times a year, so I watch services at home.

Sunday is also my day to wind down, read stacks of magazines, watch political commentary shows, and catch up with my long distance girlfriends via telephone.

While flipping through the May edition of Town & County Magazine, I was pleasantly excited to see Black faces galore. There is a nice photo spread on The Studio Museum of Harlem's Annual Gala and a lengthy story on the semi-elusive art dealer/socialite Kim Heirston (who allows T&C a view into her Bridgehampton home that she shares with hubby Richard Evans).

It's worth a read (although I must say that I had a moment of head tilting pause by the writer's description of Ms. Heirston as "strikingly self-possessed").

One can never fully understand a writer's intention with articles. But I dunno... self-possessed as a description of someone can often shall I say this...a lil' bit like a back handed complement.

What should Ms. Heirston be as a Black woman who is an internationally renowned art dealer?

Maybe it's just me making much ado about nothing.

Anyhoo, good people enjoy the rest of your day!