Friday, June 5, 2009

Friday's Fabulous Flicks

This week it was tough for me to decide between these two flicks - so I'm sharing both of them!

Representing two generations of fabulousness at the American Ballet Theatre Gala in New York City last month, please join me in a standing ovation for Super Socialite Susan Fales Hill and model Sessilee Lopez.

Other fabulous looking folks at the event included The First Lady Michelle Obama along with Super Socialites Grace Hightower & White House Social Secretary Desiree Rogers.

We all know who Ms. Hill is, however model Sessilee Lopez is probably best remembered by our reader community as one of the faces that graced the multi-model all Black edition of Italian Vogue.

Now, don't be upset because I'm having some challenges posting frequently to this blog. I read all of your lil' hints in my email but have patience with your girl, ok!!

My Facebook friends knows that I've started a rigorous physical training regime so when I get home, I hit the bed HARD at night.

Also, my professional life has ramped up significantly (it's all good things) so I have very little time to write coherently.

Hang in there with me - it will get better soon.

In the meanwhile, I'm dancing between raindrops today but will be on Facebook choppin' it up periodically.

Have a great weekend everyone!