Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Meet "Chocolate City's" Blonde Charity Mafia

Your girl really tries to keep it very positive 99.8% of the time on this blog by highlighting the fabulousness of our Socialite community. However, there are times (0.2% to be exact) when I have to put some phenomena or situations on blast.

The CW (the result of a merger of The WB & UPN networks) built its audience share and advertising revenue on a series of Black audience targeted programs for more than ten years. The CW recently canceled The Game which was the #4 rated show in Black households according to AC Nielson.

This fall, the network plans to launch the ridiculously titled reality show - The Blonde Charity Mafia.

According to the show’s description,The Blonde Charity Mafia is “docu-drama” that features “Washington DC’s most influential 20-something Alpha Girls.”

But, here’s the raw silk lined slap in the face for me. Washington, DC is 55.2% Black according to the US Census yet in the current advertising for the show, only young White females are featured. Washington, DC has been nicknamed “Chocolate City” since 1975 and is considered the epicenter of America’s Black Elite (going back to the mid-1800s).

And, do we need to mention who is residing at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW?

Now, are you are cocking your head to the side in a bit of wonderment punctuated by an expression of surprise after that bit of news?

I understand that many people in DC are in an uproar over this program. Expect a title change if the program survives past its originally scheduled six episodes.

In the meanwhile, the President of Entertainment for The CW Network (Dawn Ostroff) owes us an explanation as to why this show does not prominently feature a Black woman.

Witness the horror yourself:


Photo: Ask Miss A