Thursday, June 25, 2009

Remember The Time That We Fell In Love

God help us. Today is a difficult day.

While I honor the memory of the legendary Michael Jackson today, I reflect on the fact that some of the best times of my life were lived through the soundtrack of his music and the music of the Jackson 5.

s a fan and a human being, there were times when Michael Jackson really ticked me off too. My perceived relationship with him was complex, complicated, exciting, and downright hard at times.

So, what could I say today of all days when I am rendered wordless?

I'll borrow a paraphrased quote from CNN's Larry King that I hope will encourage you as it encouraged me.

Let's remember Michael Jackson for his talent because truthfully, that's all we really knew about him. Everything else we thought we knew about him was many times filtered through a sensational media and was often times speculation.

Please consider joining me in prayer for his children, siblings, and parents.

And, let's remember the time that we fell in love with this giant of a performer whose musical contributions are immeasurable.