Saturday, August 15, 2009

On Vac-Cay!

OK everyone.

Your girl is in serious need of R&R, so folks - I'll be on vacation until September 1st.

I will reply to your emails, Facebook notes, & friend requests when I return.

I will try to post some news and Friday Fabulous Flicks while I'm away.

I'm suffering from major information overload and Type A-ish syndrome if you know what I mean. So, I gotta get off of the Internet and give up CNN to give my brain a break.

In case you're, I'm not headed up to Martha's Vineyard this year.

The deadline to apply for press credentials for The First Family's visit was August 10th and truthfully, I need a break from working.

I know some of my media and blogging chums will be there to give you play by play so keep your eyes peeled and ears to the ground.

I'm sure we'll have LOTS to discuss in September!

In the meanwhile, I hope you have an opportunity to relax this summer too.