Thursday, August 6, 2009

What I've Heard

Nasty messages are being left at the Martha’s Vineyard home of Spike Lee & Tonya Lewis Lee. Apparently, some of the neighbors are not too thrilled about The Lees hosting The First Family during their upcoming visit to the Vineyard (people are something else aren’t they?)

Doesn’t the President DESERVE a drama-free vacation??!!

Speaking of The President, did his decision to attend a ‘Pink Ice Ball by a South Carolina chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. help him win the state as reported in the New York Times? Sorority members like to think so and we joke internally that we made history twice in 2008! This cute story is the morale booster some members needed given the recent negative press coverage of our beloved organization.

Vanity Fair Editor Amy Fine Collins had some explaining to do when White House Social Secretary & Super Socialite Desiree Rogers did not make their 2009 International Best Dressed List. Collins shared with the Washington Times that “She is not that high profile outside of New York and Washington yet.”

Hmmm…interesting pearl clutching commentary don't you think? Since Rogers was featured in Vogue Magazine long before her arrival in Washington, I think VF is going to go back to “the lab” to conjure up a better explanation than that.

Congrats to Dr. Dorothy Cowser Yancy who has been named Interim President of Shaw University. She is the first female to hold the post and is the former president of Johnson C. Smith University.