Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Your Role in Restoring Civility

Hello Out There!

We’ve had some pearl clutching moments of serious incivility recently, haven’t we?

Are people losing their minds or what?

Unfortunately, carrying on like complete idiots has become the socially acceptable norm internationally.

And truthfully, I find it disgusting.

We can probably debate for days as to why (or how) things have degenerated so much in human engagement. And, until recently I felt like one of the few people out there who continuously addressed the need to restore more civil interaction in society. So, although I am disappointed by the recent events that have been covered ad nauseam in the press, I think the good news is that all of that bad behavior has pushed conversations about civility to the forefront.

And, it’s about time!

I also believe that many of us can agree on three points regarding civility’s place in our society now and in the future:

1) It’s time for all of us to enforce a standard code of civil conduct.

2) We should strive to engage in discourse without violent and hostile discord.

3) We must become active agents of stewarding civility in all of our interactions.

So what does that look like really? Or in other words, how can one individual become a “civility agent?”

Here are a few examples:

In your neighborhood:

Invite a neighbor that you brush by each day to have a cup of coffee or tea at a local café. Try to commit to say one kind thing to someone in the neighborhood each day.

In your workplace:

Approach your employer about forming a committee or advisory team to examine what civility means both domestically and internationally. Have ‘Brown Bag’ sessions where people can share and problem solve various issues regarding incivility in the workplace.

In your organizations:

Tuck a younger or newer member under your” wing “and share some of your more pleasurable highlights of being a member. Conduct yourself with dignity and respect inside and outside of the organization. Stamp out rankism whenever it rears its ugly heard.

In your place of worship:

Encourage your clergy person or religious head to address civility as a core value in a lecture, sermon, or speech. Share with them the power of uploading their speech, lecture, or sermon to YouTube so that their message can reach a wider audience.

If you are a Blogger (or make comments on blogs):

Think about blogging on topics that will move the discourse forward and positively affect change rather than mud raking. Take into consideration that they may be short and long term ramifications and liabilities regarding posting crazy stories and remarks on the Internet.

So, there you have it.

Civility is our collective responsibility.

It’s time for us to stand together and shut down foolishness that is not becoming of civilized people.

I'm eager to read your thoughts.

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