Friday, October 16, 2009

Assembling Your Kitchen Cabinet

Last night while cooking up meals for this weekend (yes I cook!), I was chatting with a good Sisterfriend/Sister Link about the need to “lock arms” are we progress personally and professionally. Her professional and social profile is rising and; needless to say the “sharks” are circling to see how they can use her for their selfish advantage. So, she called for advice on how to manage this type of situation.

My BIG mantra regarding anyone who is in the rise (or desires to be on the proverbial come-up) is to make sure you have your “kitchen cabinet” in place. No…I don’t mean in the literal sense but figuratively speaking.

Your “kitchen cabinet” is your crew of close-knit friends and family who will keep your private matters private, love you unconditionally, and with whom you can feel fully transparent. They will provide guidance and advice while keeping you grounded and sane. They will cheer you on and pray for you but will tell you when you are not performing on all eight cylinders. They will praise you in public and criticize you behind closed doors. They are that special group people that you can let it all “hang out” with yet have the comfort of knowing that your conversations won’t be blasted all over YouTube.

So, as you are planning your next social, political, or professional steps think about having your "kitchen cabinet" in place first. It will make your life transitions much smoother and less stressful.