Thursday, December 24, 2009

Four Fun "Jewels" for Last Minute Shoppers

If you’re like me, you may have waited to absolute last moment to pick up a few gifts. For those who are still a bit indecisive, I pulled together a four fun “jewels” that will last a lifetime!

Do you know someone who LOVES vampire literature? Leslie Esdaile-Banks (who also writes under the name of L.A. Banks) has a FABULOUS New York Times Bestseller Vampire Huntress series that I highly recommend. What I love most about Banks’ work – the story line deals in morality and character with the protagonist who is a Black woman. What’s also unique in Banks’ novels is the fact that the vampires are not portrayed as uber glamorous figures. PS - Banks is a Soror of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated.

If someone on your list is a collector of all things Michelle Obama, I highly recommend Blogger Mary Tomer’s “Mrs. O.” It is a beautiful and well organized pictorial tribune to our First Lady with each style step chronicled with loving attention to detail. I can’t imagine why anyone won’t want this keepsake book displayed on their bookshelf or coffee table.

Looking for something a bit tasty and decadent? This amazing Judith Leiber cupcake shaped bag retails around $4,200 and is an eye catcher hands down. Love the fact that this bag is chocolate too!

While we’re on the topic of cupcakes, do you need a creative way to propose? How about having a diamond ring inside of a diamond studded cupcake from Mervis Diamond Importers?! This lil’ gem will set you back about $30,000, (no this is not a typo).

OK, you have some ideas so get to shopping (grins)!

I’ll be out with bags swinging right along with you. Plus, I have to cook ducks tonight too (whew!)

Good people - have a great holiday everyone and we’ll chat soon!