Monday, June 28, 2010

On Vac-Cay Baby!

I’ll be taking a lil’ break from blogging from June 28th until July 9th 2010. The “Friday Fabulous Flick” will resume on July 9th. I will still Tweet what’s happening in my world in case you want to follow along.

Those of you who follow me on Facebook and Twitter know that I have been traveling between Washington, DC, Philadelphia, and Atlantic City recently. Next on the agenda is The Links National Assembly in Detroit. Upon my return home, I shall gather myself (and do laundry) for a beach trip to Rehoboth Beach, DE.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t swing a trip to the Alpha Kappa Alpha Boule this year but I’ll catch you ladies soon!

Oh...and for the smarty-pants Mama/Poppa figures out there (you know who you are), yes I plan to sleep and get some rest as well (*grins*).

I’ll be flying high and energized upon my return so we’ll have LOTS to chat about.