Monday, June 7, 2010

Wrestling With "Gaudy Girl" While Wedding Planning

I’ve had a lot of “what in the world is that??!?” moments while shopping for wedding favors.

Mint and almond holders of all shapes and forms. Glittering sparkling do-dads in neon vomit pink, yellow, green, and blue. Mermice cake toppers like the one pictured above. Oh my!

And the same time, some of this ugly wedding favor stuff is actually starting to look good to me.

But then I pressed pause to remind myself of my Cracker Barrel incident several years back (when Gaudy Girl burst outta of the closet and tore the doors off the hinges!)

I was jonesing for country pancakes so my family and I decided to go to Cracker Barrel. Since it was a 20 minute wait to be seated, we hung out in their retail store location. Next thing you know, I’m buying all kinds of foolishness like Kung Fu hamsters, hard candy, and faux miniature Tiffany’s style battery operated lamps!

Why? Because after staring at that stuff for several minutes, it became attractive to me. Smart move from Cracker Barrel but not too smart on my behalf!

Now, don’t misunderstand me good people. A girl needs a little glitter and a selective dash of gaudy in her life from time to time. For example, I wear Hello Kitty jewelry with business attire periodically.

But, I am really working to not unleash my inner gaudy (aka Gaudy Girl) for my wedding. Some of you brides (current and former) know exactly what I’m talking about (wink, wink!)

So, here’s how I’m keeping "Gaudy Girl" in check for the wedding:

1) I’ve selected colors that are in harmony with our Caribbean location without completing with it

2) One thematically appropriate symbol has been selected to be incorporated in simple but elegant ways throughout the wedding

3) Asking myself repeatedly – would I want this/want to eat this/enjoy this if I were a wedding attendee?

That’s my plan folks and I am soooo sure you’ll keep me in check as we travel down this road to matrimony together!

We’ll chat again real soon!