Monday, August 9, 2010

Learning About Conflict Diamonds

When Fab Fiancé began to broach the idea of getting engaged, I had one major request.

And, it had absolutely nothing to do with cut, clarity, color, or carat size.

I asked him to please make sure that he purchases “conflict free diamonds.” While I love diamonds, I would not be comfortable wearing one if I believe someone lost their life or limbs (literally) for it.

He did the research and located a jeweler who by all accounts appears committed to not sell diamonds that were procured through war or bloodshed. In fact, we were pleased to discover that many of the major US jewelry stores and retail chains have signed an agreement to not broker jewels from war ravished parts of the world.

So as we watch and wait for news of the possible legal woes for Supermodel Naomi Campbell who may have received a gift of alleged “conflict” or “blood” diamonds, you may want to learn more about consumers’ rights and responsibilities when purchasing diamonds.

The World Diamond Council has a great website (Diamond where you can learn more about conflict diamonds and; the steps taken by world governments to stop the trade of conflict diamonds.

Let's work to become more educated about blingy-ness and where the bling originates.