Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Make Sure To Vote Today!

I went out early this afternoon and voted. I am very under the weather, have on workout clothes, and in general - I don't look like myself. I have dark under eye circles, facial puffiness, the whole shabang. I'm achy with a somewhat scratchy voice.

Yet, in spite of my temporary health setback, I beat my face with all kinds of makeup and walked up a pretty steep hill to vote. I thought about women like my Grandmother (R.I.P) who marched for the right to vote and then made sure that they showed up to vote each year - in style.

I really hope that I'm preaching to the converted and that you have already made your way to the polls. If not, please scoot around there as soon as you can ok? 

Thank you and let's make sure our voices are heard today!