Thursday, December 30, 2010

Ready To Turn The Page

I can not convey to you in mere words how I am ready to turn the page on 2010 and the first decade of the 21st Century. It had its peaks and valleys indeed.

I came into this year pretty upbeat. I was newly engaged and super excited. We consolidated households and sunk into our own version of couple's bliss.

But when the US Economy continued to deteriorate, my sweet song of celebration took a more sorrowful sound.

Fab Fiance and I are blessed - we have been employed consistently. However, we encountered an extraordinary number of deaths, job losses, and work related relocations in our close circle of family and friends. It took a toll on us emotionally in ways that we really can't articulate. Having that much stress has worn us down.

Today, I learned that one of my sorors (and good friend)lost her nephew on the day after Christmas. He was in his mid 20s and just completed a Master degree program. A sweet person who just collapsed in his father's arms, gasped, and died. His death has been ruled as "natural causes." Kinda similar to the late Teena Marie. Just feels like he left Earth a little too soon. We speak theologically of God's plan but the hurt is ever present when we lose treasured loved ones.

Now you understand why I'm ready to leave 2010 behind. 

Tomorrow I'll embark on my rituals of housecleaning and errands for the year's end. We have a small gathering to attend and then, it's on to preparing the family's New Year's Day Dinner. Fab Fiance and I are hosting the meal at my Mom's home.

We'll do all of the traditional staples - black eyed peas, collard greens, okra, etc. while we pray for a better year.

I'll be writing more about my efforts to balance work, social life, friendships, and my relationship next year so be prepared. We'll have lots to chat about.

My prayer tonight is that God blesses us with a more prosperous and peaceful decade. 

We survived a pretty bumpy ride these past ten years.