Saturday, December 18, 2010

Whatcha Been Up To Girl?

I’ve been getting this question a lot these days – and rightfully so. I’m zooming at such a quick clip that I know some people are wondering where am I and what am I doing.

Life is full in a really good way.  

Here’s the rundown:
I’m employed at a job that I love most days of the week.
I am in love with a great man who loves me back. 
I’m engaged to married (and planning my wedding). 
I have a great family, three cats, and a wonderful support group of close friends. 
I started writing for Uptown this year (yeah me!) and have received positive feedback from some of you on my postings so far. 

Everything I listed above is a blessing and I am not complaining. But it requires maintenance and time in order to continue to reap positive benefits. I gotta focus on doing all of them really well and that’s the tough part.
I apologize to all of my loyal readers as I have neglected this blog terribly. I come home most weeknights so tired that I hit the bed hard. My weekends are also pretty filled with activities and; then when I blink – it is Monday again. I will work on posting more in 2011.

I’ve been using Twitter much more these days because I can share data and factoids in pity messages. Feel free to follow me at bksocialiteblog. I usually “tweet” daily. 

Thank you so much for being supportive and patience with me!