Friday, January 28, 2011

Buried ALIVE!!!

Oh, LAWD - I can't stand snowstorms in the Northeast!

There are many reasons why I HATE snowstorms (especially in my hometown), some of which include:

1) City management render themselves helpless and incapable of snow removal

2) Meterologists and city management appear surprised and excited when it snows in the winter months

3) Several people refuse to exercise good judgment and consideration when venturing out in poor driving conditions

4) It's messy, yucky, and difficult to walk

5) I can't get to the hair and/or nail salon which makes me grumpy

6) The local news is dominated with dumb snow stories of people sledding, building snowpeople, and complaining about the snow

So, I'm stuck home (my Twitter followers knew this yesterday) and I'm beginning to suffer a bit of cabin fever!


So there you have it folks, a cranky, grumpy blogger working at home in isolation (what a novel concept huh?)

I'll get myself together soon - just give me a few more days.