Tuesday, July 3, 2012

My "Great" July 4th Holiday Idea

I always come up with the best ideas…at the very last minute.

Just a few hours ago, I decided to have an “indoor barbeque” on my George Foreman Grill for me and Fab Fiancé (a la Acme Markets & Whole Foods Market) to celebrate the 4th of July holiday. 

Fab Fiancé has to work on July 4th and since it’s supposed to be a million degrees outside, 
I think it’s best to stay indoors and enjoy the air conditioning. 

Now, I have to figure out what to buy and cook. 

I’m not really into the traditional July 4th holiday fare – but I will let you know that here’s what I plan to get (if it’s still in the supermarket):

-Lamb or veal burgers (I might stuff them with feta or blue cheese)
-Veggie baked beans
-Lemonade (I like Santa Cruz Organic Lemonade)
-Chicken thighs (they are wonderful grilled)
- A vegetable (maybe asparagus??)
-Potato salad (I may make this myself with Miracle Whip Light & white onions)

Acme Markets sells the most amazing (and calorie rich) microwaveable upside down mini pineapple cakes.   
Fab Fiancé and I will split one with a tiny scoop of ice cream. 

What are you planning for the holiday? Feel free to share it with me on Facebook!