Friday, August 10, 2012

Friday's Fabulous Flicks

This summer has been an outstanding on the history making side for Black Women in America.  Now, while I know you’re eager to see some of my wedding photos, I have to pay homage to these (newly!) legendary women this week. 

While I was away on vacation/honeymoon, the Internet was all abuzz about 80+ year old Jacquie "Tajah" Murdock who was featured as a print model for the French designer Lanvin. Can you believe how amazing she looks?! did the best coverage of this story about Ms. Murdock’s dream deferred of becoming a model. She’s an outstanding role model for so many of us!

And what more could I possibly say about 16 year old Gabrielle Christina Victoria "Gabby" Douglas – our history making Golden Girl! I beam with joy and pride each time I see her!

I hope you have fun plans for the weekend good people!

It's raining in my hometown so I'll be enjoying the condo with some movies and barbeque delights.

Cheers all!