Monday, November 19, 2012

The Philadelphia Chapter of The Continental Societies, Inc. Annual Scholarship Luncheon

Last Saturday, I attended the Philadelphia Chapter of The Continental Societies, Inc. Annual Scholarship Luncheon at the Springfield Country Club in Springfield, PA. My hostess was Louise Moss Fortune (one of my Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorors), a prominent member of the organization whom has served at the local, regional, and national level.

 The chapter was founded in 1952 and supports endeavors that uplift the community's children. Many of the chapter members were decked out in their organizational red and white for the event. The ladies worked hard to ensure a wonderful event for all attendees.

I was super pleased to see Mr. William "Bill" Tucker (widow of the late C. Dolores Tucker pictured below with a member of the Continental Societies) seated at Miss Louise's table. He's always dapper and full of great conversation.

The fashion show was coordinated by Aaron Pender who assembled an interesting array of outfits. The commentator (pictured below) was great but I didn't catch her name due the jubilant chatter of the crowd of more than 300 attendees.

The luncheon meal selection was tasty - a salmon filet with capers and a tender breast of chicken with a light sauce. But the laughter and dialogue among friends was even more enjoyable. 

I was also seated next to Philadelphia broadcasting pioneer (and one of my Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorors) Eleanor Jean Hendley (left with a member of the Philadelphia Continental Societies).

I was running late due to crazy traffic in Philadelphia. Unfortunately I didn't snap as many photos as I had planned. Plus the lighting in the club was super dim so many of my photos came out dark.

Sidenote:  I will work on my photos issue good people for 2013 so you can enjoy better pictures!

I try to keep it positive here - but sometimes I have to make not so nice comments.

I was disappointed by the Springfield Country Club for this event. I've been there multiple times in the past and everything was high quality. For this event, the service was kinda sub par and rushed (largely because the club's special events office booked successive multiple events back to back including a large wedding reception and a funeral/memorial service!)

I know this venue does well with hosting a variety of events. So I hope that this slippage in service was a one time challenge that will not be repeated again.