Friday, March 29, 2013

Friday's Fabulous Flick

Every now and then, I step outside of feature the "everyday fabulous folks" and give some celebrity people their just desserts. 

Plus, this picture is so darn cute, that I couldn’t resist posting it!
Zoe Kravitz (who looks like her mama Lisa Bonet “spit her out” in this photo) was recently feted by Swarovski at the Gramercy Park Hotel's rooftop garden. Ms. Zoe has partnered with my favorite sparkly things company to launch a new line of items under the Swarovski Crystallized brand. 


I LOVE Zoe’s simply chic leather dress - which is a huge trend this spring and summer. She’s coming into her own as a fashion icon and I expect more great things from this young lady. 

Have a super weekend all! 

And to those of the Christian faith, Happy Easter!

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Black Baroness To Join "Real Housewives?"

I'm home today with compresses on my eyes due to allergies. In between sneezing (happy spring!), I came across some interesting gossip.

Baroness Monica Von Newmann may join the cast of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills according to Radar Online.

I'm not familiar with the Baroness, but I understand she has a very interesting story. She was born and raised in Detroit. And according to Radar Online, her title is legitimate.

Who'd a thunk that Bravo (who resisted racially integrating the New York version of the franchise) would take such a dramatic step?


Well, I'm sure that you'll keep me informed of any developments with this story.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Rebooting Our Happiness

Good people, I tried to be a good Christian soldier this Lenten season. But, I fell down...

No I didn't give up chocolate, sugar, sweets, and succomb to a binge.

I tried to give up (dramatic drum roll please) - negative thinking.

And it was hard as heck!


Because I believe that even the most optimistic among us fall prey to negative thoughts about ourselves, our lives, and other people.

My meditative process forced me to journal the negative, write the "flipside" blessing of it, then think about my next steps towards life transformation.

The biggest lesson for me this year is all about rebooting happiness in the same way I reboot my computer.

Ok, hit reset to start over...

Rebooting happiness is about stopping to celebrate who we are in that moment.

Yes, I post pictures of people on all pretty, looking fabulous, and supporting charitable causes. But the intention is to share a piece of good news gossip while inspiring you.

If you are envious, jealous, or hateful about that - reboot.

If you're competitive about it, reboot.

If you're depressed about it, reboot.

Alas Spring has sprung. And many of us start turning our attention outward - you know focusing on spring clothing, cleaning, and fun.

But I encourage you to also reboot happiness in your life too.

Push the reset button - now...

Sunday, March 24, 2013

So, my husband took me out last night...

We had dinner at one of my favorite seafood restaurants in our city. It was soooo nice to just sit down and enjoy each other's company. Plus we were celebrating my birthday!

But, you know how you go out and things are off-ish at one of your favorite spots? That's how last night was for me.

We had to wait although we had reservations. I was almost soaked in wine as a server stumbled near me. My butter poached prawns and tuna tartare was greasy. My hubby's food was great to him, so I'm glad for that.

This photo was taken at dessert after I drank a half bottle of Silver Chardonnay (one of my favorites!) Hense the cheesy grin.

I'm holding a pecan waffle coated in Bananas Foster with a scoop of raisin ice cream. It was pretty good.

I'm keeping the restaurant's name under wraps because you know how I operate - focusing on the positive.

As an aside - for those who wanted to see the face behind this blog, here ya go!

The greatest thing about last night was being with my hubby and reflecting on how we feel blessed.

Have a good Sunday everyone!

Happy Birthday To Me!

Wow...I'm 42 years old today - and there's no turning back!!

I'm blessed in so many ways. I love what I do professionally, have a loving husband, good friends, and my blogging hobby for almost six years.

Each year on my birthday, I share something personal with you so that you can get to know me a lil better.

Just a few weeks back, I was accepted into a prestigious private college's PhD program on a full scholarship!

I am walking on air!

This bit of news may shock those that have taken to the internet over the years to discuss how poorly I write. But here's some tea-hee-hee on me...

I'm actually an award winning writer and researcher. I am one of the few writers in the US that have had submissions to the Oxford University Press accepted with ZERO edits.

So be clear - I treat this blog as my open diary (which is the original definition of a blog). As such, I write how thoughts come into my head. Writing the "King's English" is a part of my day job.

This is my "funnery" - a release from the stress of day and a peek into my interests, social life, etc.

For the scores of positive supporters out there, thank you for riding with me!

Friday, March 22, 2013

Friday's Fabulous Flick

This week's flick features Brie Bythewood (right) and Diana DiMenna attending the American Ballet Theater's Winter Ball in New York City recently.

The event raised over $1.1 million for the organization n

Friday, March 8, 2013

Friday's Fabulous Flick

This week's flick features Dawne Marie Grannum and James François-Pijuan attending the New York City Botanical Society's Orchid Dinner recently. The event raised more than $600,000.

Have a good weekend all!