Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Rebooting Our Happiness

Good people, I tried to be a good Christian soldier this Lenten season. But, I fell down...

No I didn't give up chocolate, sugar, sweets, and succomb to a binge.

I tried to give up (dramatic drum roll please) - negative thinking.

And it was hard as heck!


Because I believe that even the most optimistic among us fall prey to negative thoughts about ourselves, our lives, and other people.

My meditative process forced me to journal the negative, write the "flipside" blessing of it, then think about my next steps towards life transformation.

The biggest lesson for me this year is all about rebooting happiness in the same way I reboot my computer.

Ok, hit reset to start over...

Rebooting happiness is about stopping to celebrate who we are in that moment.

Yes, I post pictures of people on all pretty, looking fabulous, and supporting charitable causes. But the intention is to share a piece of good news gossip while inspiring you.

If you are envious, jealous, or hateful about that - reboot.

If you're competitive about it, reboot.

If you're depressed about it, reboot.

Alas Spring has sprung. And many of us start turning our attention outward - you know focusing on spring clothing, cleaning, and fun.

But I encourage you to also reboot happiness in your life too.

Push the reset button - now...