Monday, May 13, 2013

How To Handle "Haters"

" The downside of being successful at anything is that there will be human beings out there who will feel threatened, angry, hostile, jealous, and just plain nasty about your success..." Gwyn Gilliss

There seems to be an obsession with "haters" these days. Whether it's in music or fueled on social media, the hater discourse rages forward. But, I've found very few articles on strategies one can use to shield oneself from so called haters.

This piece is a quick, straightforward read. The key takeaway: be happy and continue to be wonderfully you. Good things will come you way.

I know this is true from experience. Every since I started this blog, I've been the subject of snarky commentary.

I stuck with it and have had the privilege of meeting so many positive people as a result. The so called "haters" are placed in the corner of my conscience -which is where they belong.

So good people don't get fixated on the people that dislike you. Focus on those who support and love you.

You have too much awesome living ahead of you to worry about "haters."