Saturday, July 13, 2013

Praying for his family

Some of you know that I've been on a rampage recently about people acting ugly towards each other. Specifically all of the "isms" have reared their hideous heads and raging out of control.

Much to my surprise, George Zimmerman is a free man tonight. And how sadly ridiculous this is don't you think?

It's a different type of pain to lose an innocent loved one in this way - and their killer is found not guilty.

I know this type of pain because my brother was murdered more than 10 years ago by a gun toting clown. And, the clown was found not guilty after a lengthy trial. It is a horrible experience for any family to endure.

Let's lift the Martin family and their friends in prayer. We should also consider turning our rage into action by our advocacy and our vote.

Our children need our protection and we owe them a better tomorrow than today.