Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Who’s Worried About Our Daughters?

So, yet another “reality television star” decides to release a hard core pornographic video on the internet and the flurry of commentary begins.

I don’t desire to promote this “lady” nor do I care about her motivations. She is a “seasoned” woman and can live with the consequences of her decisions. I’m sure her next stop on the fame-train will be an appearance on some confessional like “reality” program where she’ll cry and talk about her terrible mistake, how bad she feels -  blah, blah, blah.

What worries me the most - is this woman’s young daughter and all other daughters out there.  
Will more girls feel that exploiting themselves is the best trajectory to fame and success because of this latest “sex tape” release?  Are we all accountable when we tweet, re-tweet, and Instagram the lifestyles of stars made famous through sexual exploitation (even if it’s by their own design?)

More importantly, does our silence in not openly condemning such behavior provide global consent in the quest for “coins?”

Today, let’s make a commitment to flood social media with hardworking, dedicated women of philanthropic causes as much as we discuss this microwave “celebrities.”

We can shift the digital discourse by elevating outstanding examples for our young women to follow.

Now is the time! 

Learn more about the Pihcintu Multinational Children's Choir whose image appears above.